EMDR Intensive

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Just as EMDR is a very different approach to psychotherapy, the Intensive is a very different approach to providing EMDR treatment. Because of the “rewiring” and truly healing effect of EMDR, an Intensive can work in ways that are not possible utilizing standard talk-therapy techniques. With EMDR processing, we can desensitize negative feelings and change the negative belief about self that has been encoded onto the memory in order to “rewire” the brain and truly heal the individual. This means much more material can be processed and healed much more quickly in an Intensive session than is possible in traditional weekly therapy.

An EMDR Intensive is a concentrated and focused approach to therapy, typically involving 4 to 6-hour sessions spanning 2 to 4 consecutive days. Instead of spreading your therapeutic journey over an extended period of weekly sessions, EMDR Intensives offer a way to efficiently address and resolve numerous issues, expediting the healing process and providing you with the relief you seek as you strive to move forward in your life. The name "intensive" truly reflects the depth of the work involved, as it can be emotionally profound and challenging, but the rewards in terms of healing are equally substantial.

These intensives may not be suitable for everyone, and it's essential to evaluate a potential client's readiness for this intense work. This assessment is carried out during a free 1-hour intake session, which can be conducted over the telephone or in person. If you're curious about the possibility of an Intensive, reaching out to schedule an intake session is the first step. It's important to note that in some instances, Intensives can be utilized to address specific aspects of a client's history, such as preverbal trauma. After completing the Intensive, the client may return to their regular weekly therapist for ongoing care.

If you are currently working with a therapist, don't hesitate to discuss the option of an Intensive with them, and the possibility of collaborative efforts can be explored to ensure your healing needs are met.

EMDR Intensives offer a range of remarkable benefits that set them apart from traditional therapy:

      Rapid Healing: Experience genuine and life-altering healing in a matter of days, as opposed to the extended timelines of months or even years.

      Cost-Effective: EMDR Intensives are cost-effective in the long run. Concentrated and highly focused therapy means greater efficiency, resulting in fewer overall sessions and reduced costs. Unlike weekly therapy that involves repeatedly opening up and closing down emotional processes, Intensives streamline the healing journey.

      Freedom from Weekly Appointments: Instead of arranging your life around weekly therapy sessions, regain control and start living the healthy life you desire. An Intensive can serve as the emotional reset you've been seeking.

      More Free Time: Reclaim the time previously spent in weekly therapy for quality moments with your family, advancing your career, or pursuing personal development. As you're freed from the life issues that once held you back, you'll enjoy newfound opportunities and personal growth.

      No Waiting: There's no need to languish on a waiting list. You can promptly schedule a free intake consultation and initiate your healing journey without delay.


             Accessibility: You don't have to reside in New York to benefit from EMDR Intensives.

Clients from anywhere in the world can travel to New York for a few days of intensive therapy and then return to their daily lives, wherever that may be. If you plan to travel for an Intensive, transportation and accommodations are not provided or included in the fees. Extended EMDR sessions (3 hours) can be provided virtually eligibility is determined by the clinician.

Extended EMDR Session

Offering extended 2-3 hour sessions is an effective strategy to minimize the impact of daily distractions between therapy sessions and maximize the therapeutic benefits. This option is particularly beneficial for individuals with busy schedules, or those who prefer separate EMDR therapy sessions alongside their regular weekly therapy. Research has shown that extended sessions are highly effective and can significantly shorten the overall treatment duration. In comparison to weekly therapy visits, where time is spent settling in, reviewing progress, addressing stressors, and regaining composure, extended sessions provide more dedicated "working" time. This format is well-suited for clients who are motivated to invest the necessary time and effort in their healing journey, offering an alternative for those unable to commit to weekly appointments.